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Top 7: Best free web development IDE for JavaScript, HTML and CSS and will support the big three (linux/mac/windows) out of the gate.
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JavaScript is the most popular programming language on earth. It is created in to make web pages interactive or capable of responding to actions. Even back-end developers server-side code are more likely to use it than any other language.

JavaScript is being pushed to be the first language to be learned by people who want to program. JavaScript has recently become a full-stack language since it can be used as both frontend and backend programming language. JavaScript is here to stay as long as people use the internet.

There are mobile frameworks that need JavaScript to be used more and more in wider contexts. There are other things that you can build using the best JavaScript editor for Mac and other OS and some of these are pretty obvious already - websites, web applications, presentations using RevealJS so you can create web-based slides, server applications, web servers, games, digital art projects, apps for smartwatches and mobile apps. This is because all web browsers understand JavaScript and you can take advantage of that to add capabilities and functionalities to your web pages.

Free - Varies by plan. It offers cross-platform support aside from Multi-Line selection and editing. The software also supports Haxe and OpenFL integration. It is used to write native code and manage them. It has both graphical and commands line user-interfaces executable under X display. Its text editor has a feature that allows syntax highlighting for most of the programming languages. Komodo Edit is an open-source text editor and is free for users to download to their computers.

It comes with a free text editor for all types of dynamic programming languages.

Komodo edit is the counterpart of the Komodo IDE. Light Table is an integrated development environment IDE that is free for users to download and install. It is a Complete application that does not require installation and does not depend on any non-standard dll. When you click on it, we may receive a commission or fee. Benjamin Richards. Buuut, with pure vpn it's like there are no geo restrictions on anything online anymore, I can watch whatever I want, or go into any website I want Plus, it protects my identity so no one can hack me or spy on me!!!

This is a good solution It can easily handle complex client-side and server-side development with Node. The small size is nice, since all it is, is an editor, and therefore I can't imagine why it'd be big in the first place. Sorry, something went wrong! Please try again. Rate it. Also ranked 3 in What are the best Coding Assistance Tools.

Eclipse 2018 with JavaScript Development Tools

It also has a lot of features like cross-platform editing and smart autocompletion. Jeffrey Miller. Actually Atom is great solution for any programmer who needs a inexpensive alternative to Sublime. Atom is fully customizable, giving you the option to change the interface, add scripts and other add-ons.

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Worth the download, and since it is free it is definitely worth trying. Hansika Mukopadhyay. Also ranked 2 in What are the best text editors for programming. Brackets is an open-source text editor that is mainly for web designing. Brackets is made with JavaScript. Scott Gardner. It directly pushes your code edits instantly and it is in sync with your browser.

Also ranked 5 in What are the best text editors for programming. It features coding assistance, built-in tools and integration and plugin ecosystem, supporting a lot of languages and frameworks. It has a free version and a paid subscription version. Along with the other features this is a good tool. Again, it may be better on a Windows computer.

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It has other features like its high customizable options, self-documenting and that works in real time display. Sara Stephens. However this editor takes the tediousness out of the equation. They've fixed a lot of the bugs this program had when it first launched. It makes life a lot easier for the programmers like my husband who are still writing in code.

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Also ranked 7 in What are the best text editors for programming. Codeanywhere is a cloud development environment that you can setup and personalize for creating and developing your projects whatever they are in Javascript, PHP, HTML or the rest of the 72 programming languages that supports. Bryan Davidson. It is where you will spend most of your time, so there is nothing worse than an non-user-friendly piece of software.

Fortunately, CodeAnywhere knows this frustration and has put out a great piece of software that is highly customizable. They also support collaboration, so you can invite another programmer to view your code in realtime and work on it together if necessary.

5 Best JavaScript IDEs

Also ranked 2 in What are the best cloud IDEs. Codenvy provides an agile and collaborative workspace for making development more agile. Codenvy can be installed behind a corporate firewall, in a private cloud or as SaaS at Codenvy. I searched for help and could find nothing. I then was told about Codenvy, which gave me an easy to use work-space to make these Javascript edits. Set your storage to a local computer or a cloud means you can take your work with you. Juan Antonio Ortega. Usually this is fine and normal.

With Sublime Text 3 I ran into too many problem and frustrating issues.

Review: 10 JavaScript editors and IDEs put to the test

Great concept, too poor execution. Also ranked 3 in What are the best coding software. AWS is a development tool that is completely on the cloud. It offers a full development environment that mixes a powerful and complete online code editor with a workspace in the cloud. It also offers many different products and services like migration, storage, and much more. John Schneider.

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It allows editing multiple code in multiple tabs. Plus, it is very easy to customize. It is a Java IDE and also lets you build powerful web apps. NetBeans is a powerful tool to build web, desktop and mobile applications. It can be installed on Linux, Windows and macOS. Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor enable you to select multiple lines at a time and made changes in them simultaneously without any trouble. This is cross-platform and can be installed on Windows, macOS and Linux.

It has features like auto-save, auto-complete, macros and snippets. It is available for free as well as on premium. Bluefish opens over documents at the same time and it will automatically recover the changes made in the documents when your system crashes while editing code. It is a free and fast code editor which is available for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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It offers syntax highlighting and code coloring which make code easily understandable. It comes with features like auto completion, auto indentation, macros and extension support etc. It is a one stop solution for code editing and a great free HTML editor, which offers extensive features.

The editor is loaded with smart code auto completion, a simple find and replace option, simple navigable interface, multiple panes, and simple file browsing system. It is the latest software in the series of webpage editors. The tool is available for Linux, Windows and macOS and it supports multiple languages.